10-11-12 April 2020

Welcome Letter

Dear participants,

By the order of ErünalMun society, I welcome you all as the Secretary-General responsible for the Second Erünal Model United Nations.
As the founder of ErünalMun society, our first mission is to have a conference that all participants will leave happy and feeling experienced. Although it is our second conference, we are pretty sure that our participants will discover herself/himself, will create new ideas about the topics they discuss, will have fun and be glad when the conference is over.

''In every job that has to be done, there is an element of fun,'' said Mary Poppins. Because of that, we are more than glad to give you a magnificent accommodation with an undeniable offer for social events. In addition to what I said, we have an amazing variety of committees that will lead you to think and try to find a solution about real world problems, or if you want to change the flow of history, we have two specific committees for you to take place in.

Our Director-General, Mrs. Ergen, is working hard to make the money you spend more than the worth of the money. As the Executive Board, We are guaranteeing that you will get much more than what you paid for. She believes that it is an utmost pleasure and honour to finally be able to achieve this aim which has a crowd of young people who are also as enthusiastic to improve their skills on general knowledge, public speaking, international relations and foreign language. We also want you to notice that we have more surprises for all of our attendants. We can just say ''Look to our coming, at the first lights of every three days.''

If you have any concerns or questions about our conference, please contact us via clicking here
We are keen to see you as a participant in our conference.